August 27, 2019

The Ministry of Health has announced a change in its membership on the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC). The change brings broader membership that will help to better position the committee in a strategic leadership role for Primary Care Networks and team-based care, in addition to supporting the ongoing priority of supporting physicians in the adoption of the patient medical home attributes. 
The new Ministry of Health members are:

Shallen Letwin 
VP, Clinical Operations
Interior Health
Kelly Gunn 
Vice President Primary & Community Care, Clinical Programs & Chief Nursing Executive 
Northern Health
Danielle Daigle  
President, Nurse Practitioners Council
Nurse and Nurse Practitioner Association of BC

They will join Ted Patterson (Co-chair), Mark Armitage (ADM, Health Human Resources and Labour), and Richard Jock (COO, First Nations Health Authority) as Ministry representatives on the committee.

These changes to the GPSC membership will ensure stronger representation from health authorities and introduce a Nurse Practitioner member to the committee, who will provide a key voice as the role of NPs in primary care is further developed within team-based care.  
The collaborative nature of the GPSC under the new PMA has not changed. There continue to be six members appointed through the Ministry of Health and six members nominated through Doctors of BC.

Physician representation continues to be refreshed, as members reach the end of their terms (there is currently a call out for a new physician member on the committee). The Doctors of BC members are Dr Shelley Ross (Co-chair), Dr Fiona Duncan, Dr Mitch Fagan (SGP), Dr Khati Hendry, Dr Tracy Monk (SGP), and Dr Lee Mackay (SGP).

Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health would like to thank Drs Richard Crow and John Hamilton for their support and work on the GPSC over the last several years, and look forward to expanding the collaborative partnership of the GPSC with the support of the committee’s new Ministry of Health members.