November 28, 2017

To comply with new College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) requirements for Mainpro+ certification, the PSP has reviewed and revised content for its nine learning modules. The content was reviewed extensively by a representative group of PSP regional team members, then further reviewed by the PSP Planning Scientific Committee, a group of family doctors from across BC.

This review process has ensured that evidence-based core content is available for delivery with minimal modification. While the PSP learning module content slides cannot be edited, regional teams, together with their session GP Peer Mentor, may tailor their delivery approach according to the background, expertise, and personal experience of the GP Peer Mentor and PSP Coordinator/Coach, as well as the needs of the session attendees identified in the pre-session evaluation.

Additional support for delivery of PSP learning modules is available from the PSP provincial office, the regional PSP teams, and members of the Planning Scientific Committee.

There will be ongoing opportunities for family doctors to get involved in development and refresh of PSP evidence-based quality improvement and clinical content. For more information on these and any questions related to the content review, contact the PSP provincial office at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Peer Mentors share any concerns they may have about the revised module content?

Peer Mentors who have concerns can email the provincial office at to be connected to members of the Planning Scientific Committee.

How will the new updated content support Peer Mentors?

A more plug-and-play type of slide deck requires less preparation time. This allows Peer Mentors to focus on tailoring their approach to delivering content, as needed (e.g., based on their experience and expertise, needs of the cohort, etc.), rather than modifying module content itself.

How much can teams and Peer Mentors tailor their delivery approach?

Peer Mentors, PSP Coordinators, and Coaches can design a session that is meaningful to participants. This may include integrating Peer Mentor examples, experience, and expertise into the session, focusing the agenda on specific areas based on the needs of the cohort, and/or including local resources.

Is there a timeline for changing/updating clinical content?

All requests, clinical or non-clinical, are judged on a case by case basis, so the timeline is dependent on the request as this may involve working with the College if the change request is significant. An acknowledgment of the request will be made within two business days and further information will be forthcoming as the request is processed.

Is the Small Group Learning Session content also subject to these new College requirements?

Yes, since Small Group Learning Sessions are also certified for Mainpro+ credits.