Practice Support Program

Established in 2007, the Practice Support Program (PSP) provides training and support for physicians and their medical office assistants (MOAs) that are designed to improve clinical and practice management and to support enhanced delivery of patient care.

We provide training and support through a number of different channels.

PSP-Technology Group –  supports BC physicians and clinic staff preparing for, adopting, and optimizing EMRs.

Learning modules – physician-led group training sessions offered in communities throughout BC. These group sessions are followed by action periods during which PSP participants try out what they have learned in their own practice.

Practice coaching – ongoing support provided by PSP regional coordinators to help physicians (including those who have not participated in a PSP learning module) implement practice changes and sustain improvements.

Quarterly learning sessions (in development) – physician-led group training sessions that focus on particular components of PSP learning modules and areas of improvement specific to community needs.

Orientation – Materials to assist in PSP module delivery.

How’s Your Health BC? – a free web-based application through which patients can anonymously share information with their family physician via online surveys.

PSP Calendar of Events (by Health Authority)VCH


PSP ContactsGraham Taylor
Executive Lead
Quality Improvement and Practice Support, Doctors of BC

Liza Kallstrom
Lead, Content and Implementation
Practice Support Program, Doctors of BC

Joanna Wills
Lead, Regional Support Teams
Practice Support Program, Doctors of BC