Improving patient access to primary care

A GP for Me is a provincial initiative jointly funded by the Government of BC and Doctors of BC, created through the GPSC. It  recognizes the importance of continuous doctor-patient relationships (also called ‘attachment’) and strives to:

  • create more capacity in the primary care system;
  • help more people who want a family doctor to find one; and
  • support the relationship between patients and family doctors, including better support for vulnerable patients.

Since 2014, 33 Divisions of Family Practice and more than 3,000 family doctors have been working on 150 A GP for Me projects in BC communities that aim to improve patient access to primary care. Family doctors have also been working in their offices to improve attachment and care for vulnerable patients through A GP for Me practice-level attachment fees.  In just two years to the end of 2015, A GP for Me helped:

  • 103,000 people with complex health conditions get attached to a GP.
  • 60,000 patients get matched to a new GP when their doctor retired or left the community.

Those numbers continue to grow, as divisions build on their A GP for Me projects and leverage the collaborative work started with local and regional partners.

  • Read more about the impact of Divisions’ A GP for Me work on patients and communities 
  • Information about the original provincial announcement and the prototype communities can be found at
  • Information and Resources for Divisions of Family Practice can be found on the Divisions website.