Adult Mental Health

As public focus on mental health increases, more people are approaching their family doctors for help. Our Adult Mental Health learning module provides valuable training in how to screen patients for a wide range of mental health conditions, as well as treatment approaches for common conditions such as anxiety and mild to moderate depression. After completing this learning module, you will have the confidence and skills to effectively support your patients with mental health needs.
You will learn how to:

• Use diagnostic screening for a wide range of acute mental health conditions;
• Develop a mental health care plan;
• Apply in-practice cognitive behavioural therapies;
• Better use specialized mental health services for patients with complex mental health needs;
• Use mental health tools and resources;
• Work with patients as partners in managing their condition and improving self-management strategies, and
• Understand billing supports and options for providing mental health care.

While the Adult Mental Health learning module is primarily aimed at family doctors, medical office assistants are also invited to participate.