Advanced Access/Office Efficiency

Being able to see patients promptly is an important part of family medicine but is not always easy. A new appointment booking and office efficiency process called Advanced Access will help improve your practice’s workflow and make it easier for patients to book an appointment without an extended wait. Practices already using the system report a significant reduction in backlog, enabling patients to book appointments sooner, often the same day.  Doctors cite improvements in the way their practices run, feeling more in control of their time and being able to see more patients each day.

In this module, you will learn how Advanced Access can help you to:

• Assess your scheduling system and determine areas for improvement;
• Schedule appointments at times your patients prefer, including on the same day;
• Eliminate backlogged appointments to enable more patient visits throughout the day;
• Simplify routine tasks, such as scheduling recall appointments;
• Set and achieve specific efficiency improvement goals;
• Enhance communication with staff and patients, and
• Increase control over your practice, freeing up time and making you feel less hurried.

For help in determining whether Advanced Access is right for your practice, contact your local Regional Support Team member for a practice self-assessment.

Both family doctors and medical office assistants are encouraged to participate in this module.