Chronic Disease Management Tools & Resources

The Leading Edge: Chronic Disease Management (CDM) (Video)

This video chronicles Dr Vanita Lokanathan's experience with implementing the collaborative approach to managing care in a rural practice and highlights the use of the CDM Toolkit, recall systems, group visits, community engagement, and the use of specialists in a team approach.

Making Big Changes (Video)

This video chronicles the experience of Dr Neil Hilliard, a general practitioner from Chilliwack. It shows how one physician practice can dramatically improve patient outcomes and enhance professional satisfaction over a 12-month period by implementing a proactive planned approach to care for patients with chronic illness.

Electronic Medical Records (Video)

See how an isolated region uses electronic medical records to improve quality and continuity of primary care.

Primary Care Fall Prevention Video

The Chronic Disease Management learning module is currently under revision. Updated learning module materials will soon be available.

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