COPD/Heart Failure

Both chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and heart failure are under-diagnosed in their early stages, when treatment can significantly enhance positive patient outcomes. The COPD/Heart Failure module aims to:

  • Improve coordination of care between family physicians, specialist physicians, and community-based care providers for patients at-risk of or living with COPD and heart failure.
  • Foster the appropriate use of evidence-informed treatments.
  • Better treat and diagnose the 25% - 30% of patients who are co-morbid with both COPD and HF.

Module objectives

  • Use a case-finding approach to identify patients with COPD and/or Heart Failure.
  • Better assess patients’ level of risk for complications from their condition.
  • Better support for patient self-management strategies(e.g., smoking cessation).
  • Work with specialist physicians to improve the referral and consult process (e.g., implementing effective two-way communication).
  • Make use of EMR tools supporting the management of patients with chronic non-cancer pain.

Quality care

To support the care provided to patients, doctors are encouraged to access PSP’s website for simple and useful screening and diagnostic tools, including:

  • Referral and consult templates and forms.
  • GPAC COPD and heart failure clinical guidelines.
  • COPD-6 case-finding spirometer.
  • Appropriate medication management recommendations for both conditions.
  • Patient resources (e.g., BC Smoking Cessation Program information).

While the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Heart Failure module was developed with family doctors in mind, specialists and medical office assistants are encouraged to participate.