Group Medical Visits

Group medical visits offer a new and time-efficient way of caring for patients who share the same chronic condition. Patients are invited to attend these sessions to receive care, education, and advice within a supportive group environment. In this module, you will learn how to host effective group medical visits and the benefits of involving other health care professionals (such as a nurse or dietician) when appropriate.
Group medical visits help lead to improved patient self-management, which is another key focus of this module, along with health literacy. You will learn tools and techniques for helping patients take a more active role in their own care through education, goal setting and supportive encouragement.

You will learn how to:

• Identify the group visit model that best suits your practice;
• Use a patient registry and automated recall system;
• Identify patient populations and individual patents suitable for group visits;
• Plan, conduct and evaluate a group visit;
• Shift from reactive, episodic care to a planned, proactive approach;
• Assist patients in setting goals for self-directed changes of behaviour;
• Educate patients about healthy lifestyles and behaviours, and
• Provide consistent evaluation of patient self-management plans.

Both family doctors and medical office assistants are encouraged to participate in this learning module.