Practice Support Network

PSP relies on experienced and well-trained Physician Mentors and other subject matter experts to deliver key parts of the PSP to physicians. Many of the people who deliver PSP modules, small group learning sessions, and in-practice supports are also part of a larger peer support network that has been developed to directly support physician learning, practice enhancement, and other quality improvement activities.  

Whether you are interested in advancing your knowledge and utilization of EMR functionality in your practice, with implementing new clinical practice guidelines, or undertaking a specific improvement project in your practice, the peer support network can provide direct, one-to-one coaching and support from an experienced physician colleague.

The practice support network currently includes physicians and other experts with established expertise across PSP, experience in implementing and optimizing EMR systems within medical practice settings, and expert knowledge of quality improvement and practice support processes. We are also in an active period of growth where we expect to expand the size of our network and provide a number of improvements to our service delivery, including:

  • Enhanced coverage of a broader range of clinical areas.
  • Support for advanced EMR applications and utilization.
  • Access to a web-based portal with a repository of PSP program content.
  • Coordinated access to Peer Mentors through your RST or division of family practice.
  • Coordinated, province-wide training and support for Peer Mentors.