The Patient Experience Tool surveys patients for their perspectives on their visits and interactions in a family practice.

The survey contains six core provincial questions and nine to 14 questions selected by each clinic or community – depending on preferred participation method, from a bank of questions. Clinics can view their collected patient experience data in real-time via a reporting dashboard accessed through a secured web portal.

The application is preloaded on hardware that is rotated with participating clinics based on practice improvement (sometimes referred to as quality improvement) goals every six to eight months.

RSTs are available to support clinics with:

  • Selecting meaningful survey questions, aligning with clinic and community priorities where appropriate.
  • Analyzing feedback and data.
  • Planning, implementing and measuring practice improvements.

Compensation is available to physicians and clinic staff for time spent on patient experience activities, and use of the tool is MainPro+ certified.

To get started or to learn more, contact a PSP Regional Support Team: Fraser HealthInterior HealthNorthern HealthVancouver CoastalVancouver Island Health.