Residential Care

Early data show Residential Care Initiative (RCI) projects are making a difference in the quality of care provided to seniors living in care facilities. All divisions of family practice are now... read more

“In the past it was impossible to find time to make patient visits at nursing homes,” says Dr Margaret Myslek, a family physician in Oliver. “Afternoons ran too late. Mornings were too busy. As a... read more

For Thompson Division of Family Practice doctors, improving residential care has three elements: streamlining... read more

In late spring, a group of 36 physicians, residential care facility managers & providers, nurses and Interior Health administrators from nine residential care facilities across seven Kootenay... read more

For Al Vernon, knowing that wife Beth has 24-hour access to a doctor as a resident of Queen's Park Care Centre provides great peace of mind.

“It gives me such assurance,” says Mr Vernon. “I... read more

One of the main challenges for patients residential care facilities across the province is getting timely onsite care. Elderly residents often end up being transferred to the emergency department... read more

Like many communities around BC, the South Okanagan region has faced significant challenges in meeting the medical needs of seniors in residential care.  A significant reason for this trend... read more

Providing the best possible care to elderly people in residential care facilities presents a variety of challenges. Enabling good communication and consistent care between health care providers is... read more

When a patient in residential care needs medical attention, facility staff need to connect with a physician as quickly as possible which often proved difficult.  Staff in Chilliwack... read more

How do you enhance residential care for seniors when your physician population is already stretched to capacity? It’s a question the Abbotsford medical community struggled with for several years... read more