November 06, 2019

The GPSC is offering a billing education webinar focused on both MSP fees and GPSC incentives that support doctors to work in team-based care environments.

All family doctors are invited to the 90-minute webinar on:

Tuesday, Nov 26 at 6pm | Register

Led by physician educators, the webinar will review:

  • The GPSC Preamble and the MSC General Preamble for MSP fees
    • Review of each preamble.
    • Clarification on the differences, specifically as they pertain to delegation and billing for delegated acts within a primary care team.
  • Delegation
    • Why a physician would delegate.
    • Delegation without billing.
    • Who to delegate to.
    • Delegation tasks.
    • GPSC incentives that enable delegation.
    • Billing for delegated acts (both GPSC and MSP fees).
  • Communication
    • Conversations between physicians.
    • Conversations between physicians and allied care provider.
    • Provision of advice and seeking advice.
    • GPSC incentives that pay for the various types of communication.

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