Billing Guides

The following incentive payments are available to BC’s eligible family physicians. The purpose of the incentive payments is to improve patient care. To read the full preamble for the GPSC billing guides, click here.


GPSC fee codes: G14070, G14071

  • GPSC Billing Guide – Portal *Effective as of October 1, 2017

Chronic Disease Management

GPSC fee codes: G14029, G14050, G14051, G14052, G14053

Complex Care

GPSC fee codes: G14033, G14075

Conferencing and Telephone Management 

GPSC fee codes: G14077, G14015, G14016, G14017, G14018, G14019, G14021, G14022, G14023, G14076 & G14078

  • GPSC Billing Guide – Conference and Telephone Management *Effective as of October 1, 2017  

    Notice: Due to a technical issue with billing fee code 14076, physicians billing 14076 should note the following:

    1) To prevent billing from being rejected, from October 1 to October 19, 2017 (inclusive), physicians will need to enter $15 for 14076, but will be paid the new rate of $20, if the date of service (DOS) is October 1, 2017 or greater.

    2) Commencing Oct 20, 2017, MSP/HIBC will accept claims for fee item 14076 billed at either $15 or $20. If claims are submitted at $15 and the date of service is October 1,2017 or greater, the amount will be raised to $20 with explanatory code BG. (BG: Amount adjusted to the rate effective for this DOS.)\

  • Conferencing Fees Template


Maternity Network

GPSC fee codes: G14010, G14004, G14005, G14008

Mental Health

GPSC fee codes: G14043, G14044, G14045, G14046, G14047, G14048

Palliative Care Planning and Management

GPSC fee code: G14063

  • GPSC Billing Guide – Palliative *Effective as of October 1, 2017

Personal Health Risk Assessment

GPSC fee code: G14066

Residential Care

For billing inquiries, please e-mail us.